About Phil Sunday

I'm a Berlin based, gold certified music producer and songwriter who works mainly with Pop and Rock Artists.

I work with both well established major artists as well as with upcoming new talent and independent artists.

Awards & Recognitions:

SDP - Die unendlichste Geschichte (Album Charts #1)

SDP - Die bunte Seite der Macht (Album Charts #2, Gold Award)

Timi Hendrix - Tim Weitkamp das Musical (Album Charts #3)

Artists I worked with include:


SDP, Timi Hendrix, Sam Tinnesz, Saint Chaos, Chris James, Sykes, Lions Head, Lee Ryan (Blue), The Dark Tenor, Brandon Chase, Shayna Leigh, Loren Nine, Johnny BLK, Alissa Griffith, Das W, Snowgoons, Alexander Knappe, and many more...